Did you say “integrated” ?

In your search for software for your business, you will certainly have noticed that there are two principal families : calculation software which provides only limited drawing options (CHACAL, the “ancestor” of CHACAL XXI and CHACAL iX belongs to this category) and the opposite: superb drawing software which, somehow or other, tries to produce or calculate a price. More than 10 years ago, when we began to study that which would be our product for the 21st century, we rejected this type of compromise and went to the root of the problem. So it was that CHACAL iX was born. Its secret : the coexistence, in a single database, of the graphical (drawing), technical (dimensions etc.) and administrative (prices etc.) data of your products At each stage, we deal with the information in a directly usable form, avoiding conversion and time wasting. CHACAL iX therefore does not belong to either of these 2 compromise families. To generate technical plans (above), in a completely automatic way, we will of course read the drawings provided by your process development engineer (or ourselves, with his agreement). However to calculate the productive capacity, CHACAL iX directly uses the manufacturing dimensions.