CHACAL iX : no fear of simplicity

No need to waste words :

CHACAL iX : simplicity in the service of efficiency

Global view

Whenever it is possible CHACAL iX gives you an overall view of the information with a standardised user interface. All the operations involved in your estimates and orders are carried out on this standard Windows screen. Copying, pasting, loading from the library and starting the creation or printing of plans are all carried out in the same simple way, with a summary image of current projects remaining in view on the screen…

Adapting to your habits :

You are in mass production. You are used to the older software which was all about codes ? Don’t worry. CHACAL iX enables you to store each frame with a code, even a number if you really want to. On the other hand, if you prefer to see what you are doing; no problem! A click on the screen in front of you, the width, the height, and there you are ! At dsi, after 33 years and over 2400 installations throughout the world, we have learned to adapt. Doesn’t the saying go: “the customer is always right” ? As we have invested this long experience in CHACAL iX, you will find in it an assistant which is indeed rigorous but which more often than not will allow you to discover the work method most adapted to your business.  

CHACAL iX : Avoiding calculations

Calculating elements which the computer can do for you is a waste of time and, above all, a source of error. With CHACAL iX, we spare you this inconvenience as much as possible : aligning the bottom of the panes, giving them all equal width or altering the cutting angle are 3 examples of what will do for you.  

CHACAL iX : Extending the limits

Admittedly frames such as this are not made every day However, it is reassuring to know that there is a tool available which is not likely to be pushed to its limits in the near future.