The company

D.S.I. is a company that was founded in June 1981. Since then, it has devoted its services exclusively to the creation of software programmes and the provision of services in the field of in Aluminium and P.V.C. fittings for exteriors. Out of a total of approximately 7,000 installations, about 500 are in Belgium, 3000 in France, around 100 in Spain, with those remaining in countries outside the EEC such as Canada, Egypt, Tunisia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Our tradition as a company providing services has led us, after all these years, to set up a team of around fifteen people specialising in YOUR field. The main characteristics which make us stand out in the market are:

Whether you are a craftsman, manufacturer or installer, we can offer you made-to-measure software. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.