DSI and CHACAL iX: practicality first and foremost

You are probably saying to yourself : this is all very well, but … This particular “but” is the most easily disposed of. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions :  

What does CHACAL iX really do?

It deals in a detailed way with doors and windows, whether rectangular or not. It can calculate in an integrated way the productive capacity and price and produce itemised plans. According to your desires and the size of your company, it can also calculate the position of each operation as well as the time it will require. The handling of machine–tools holds no secrets for it (dsi has an unequalled and uncontested experience in this field). Finally, it is completely open to the outside world and this fact, together with the ability of our development team, make harmonious incorporation into your existing IT system possible.

Does CHACAL iX “ know” your operation sheet?

This is an area in which the truth is essential. Dsi does not want disappointed customers. Let us therefore be clear : CHACAL iX is able to read the library of profile drawings of your operation sheet(s). These drawings are available from your supplier and, with his prior agreement, we can often provide you with them. The editing of these drawings in CHACAL iX (putting in computation points) is a job which, according to the version, we can often do for you. The drawing up of rules specific to you (as from what dimension will you reinforce a given PVC profile or, in aluminium, will you use screwed or inserted angles ?) remains in your own hands, because this is the only guarantee that in the end you will have software suitable to your needs, which you can use in complete freedom independently of your suppliers.

Is CHACAL iX complicated?

You will certainly have guessed from what has gone before that to use CHACAL iX in your daily work is really very simple. Provided that you are familiar with Windows and have mastered the vocabulary of carpentry (that goes without saying!) you will have no difficulty in managing your specifications and estimates, manufacturing orders and drawings in CHACAL iX. With regard to its initial fine tuning (“teaching” it your products) everything depends on your concern for detail. One or two days are sufficient to enter the main sections of an operation sheet (more often than not they will already be there); a few weeks will be necessary if you wish, which is perfectly possible, to obtain a position to 1/10th in the slightest drilling.

Is CHACAL iX mainly designed for aluminium, PVC or wood?

The bases of the software are not specific to any material. On the other hand, the “standard” documents (progress cards, labels with the possibility of bar codes, requirements in linear metres etc.) are more adapted to “made to measure” production, which is rarely encountered in wood. In the latter case, it is often necessary to draw up specific documents which, given the adaptability of the software, may be done by the customer, where necessary.

Who is the designer of CHACAL iX?

DSI, whose reputation is established, is the designer of CHACAL. Our principal characteristics deserve to be seen in comparative form. As comparative advertising is forbidden here, we would invite you to complete the table below yourself. The results are enlightening !

Is CHACAL iX suitable only for “big” companies?

NEEN ! Het klopt dat onze klanten loyaal zijn aan ons en dat, in Frankrijk en met name in de PVC-markt, bedrijfscombinaties hebben betekend dat we verschillende “beroemde” klanten hebben die 300 tot 1000 vensters / dag produceren met een versie van CHACAL aangepast aan hun behoeften. Evenzo bezit een van onze oudste klanten een ambachtelijk bedrijf (7 personen in totaal) waarvan 3 dagelijkse gebruikers van de software.

CHACAL iX: an adjusted price

CHACAL iX is marketed in the form of separate modules, each answering to a specific area (price calculation, specifications and estimates, manufacture drawings, handling of machines). You only have to buy what is necessary to you and you can add to your software gradually as your needs develop, without having to pay any supplement. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a personalised offer, without any commitment on your part.